Ready 2 Tack


Cadence in Innovation

Ready 2 Tack symbolizes the sailing maneuver of tacking, wherein the yacht's bow is turned through the wind, causing the sails to shift sides. This involves releasing and hauling in the yankee and staysail sheets while adjusting the mainsail as needed.

Ready 2 Tack?

This question signals the beginning of the tacking maneuver, prompting individuals to prepare for change. It metaphorically asks: Are you prepared for new challenges and innovations to stay competitive?

Ready 2 Tack!

This command signifies a proactive approach, urging the company to tackle issues as they arise, adapt to changes promptly, and implement innovations swiftly. It highlights agility and flexibility among employees.

"Ready 2 Tack"

This statement reflects a mission-oriented mindset, where the company anticipates and addresses problems, changes, and innovations before they manifest. It signifies a predictive and proactive organizational culture.