Ready 2 Tack


R2T stands for "Ready to Tack". Tacking involves turning the bow of the yacht through the wind so that the wind moves from one side of the yacht to the other. The sails will also swap sides. For this to happen the yankee and staysail sheets will need to be released from the working winches and hauled in on the opposite side of the boat. The mainsail will change sides of its own accord however may need to be tended if the sheet is eased or if adjustment to the traveller is required.”

Ready 2 Tack?

This is a question initiated by the helmsman to start the evolution of tacking. Everyone should move into the correct positions by the relevant winches and prepare to tack. This is a metaphore for: are you ready for a change? Are you prepared for new challenges which might pop up? Are you ready for new innovations you must address to face competition?

Ready 2 Tack!

This is an assignment, an order indicating that your company attacks problems when they appear, facing changes as they become urgent and implements innovations when the demand is there. Your company is agile to address these issues popping up and your employees are flexible in shifting attention.

"Ready 2 Tack" 

This is a mission statement. The ultimate goal in which your company is ahead of changes, problems or innovations popping up. It is a state of mind. And not any longer a question or an order to follow up. But instead, you are anticipating any problems, changes or innovations before they arise. Your company is a predictive organization.