Ready 2 Tack

Ready 2 Tack

Cadence in Innovation

R2T supports your development & manufacturing company in implementing an innovative quality managment system. Ready 2 Tack is ready to help you setting course to a new direction. Our approach consists of 3 phases.


R2T comes to your company for the execution of a Quick Scan of your primary process. An action plan for implementation is the output of this phase. Employees will be directly involved in setting up the plan in order to get acquainted with the methodology of innovations in quality management.  


We coach your employees in the execution of the realisation processes of the adapted QMS. We install the processes, templates, checklists, guidelines, and automated forms. At the end of this phase, your employees feel familiar with the new approach and all the new functionality. 

Continuous Improvement

The operational processes are up and running. Your employees feel comfortable with the new methodology. The next step is to train your employees in maintaining and improving the QMS. R2T delivers support and training to set up an environment for Continuous Improvement in which your employees are taking the lead. At the end of this phase, there is a steady cadence in improving and innovating all aspects of the QMS driven by dedicated process owners.